5 Minute Meditation ™ – Kundalini Meditation

Christopher Allan 5 Minute Meditation

Christopher Allan 5 Minute Meditation

THIS MONTH: Kundalini Meditation for you to try.
This meditation is a simple meditation and one of the first learned in this style. It is also very good for beginners in meditation because it offers not only 1 but 2 focus points to keep your mind from wondering. One is the mantra and the other the finger exercise. This exercise is easy, however, upon reviewing it, this may see odd to be chanting. Please don’t be discouraged. Try it when no one is looking and let me know what you experience! 😉
The Mantra being used is Sa Ta Na Ma. The meaning of this Mantra is very simple.
1. Sa means Birth it represents the beginning, it also represents infinity.
2. Ta represents Life, both your own and all life as well.
3. Na represents Death or the end of something (your stress for example or doubts about God if you are more spiritually inclined) also it is about totality. Because death is the sum of everything it gives completion a view of the whole of something.
4. Ma represents rebirth or resurrection. When we thing of this we can also relate this to a change in our self or our surroundings.

While sitting in the basic ‘indian style’ sitting posture you will chant the above mantra while focusing your attention on this finger exercise: With your palms up and resting on your knees touch your thumb to the corresponding finger to the mantra. For Sa you will touch to the index finger, Ta to the middle finger, Na to the ring finger and Ma to the pinky finger.
To get the most out of your meditations you can do them twice everyday. The best practice for this meditation is one time in the early morning for about 5-10 minutes and again in the evening. After a week or so you will notice yourself being a lot more relaxed and being very slow to anger.
We have more information on Kundalini yoga on our site. As well as on many other styles of yoga.


Psychic Medium Christohper Allan. Keeping The Spirits Aliveâ„¢. Based in Long Island, NY.

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  1. Oh my. That was a good read!. Decent.

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