5 Minute Meditation ™ – Your Complete Breath

Christopher Allan 5 Minute Meditation

Christopher Allan 5 Minute Meditation


This months meditation shouldn’t be called ‘Christopher Allan’s 5 Minute Mediation’ as I am respectfully sharing an important aspect of meditation & it’s actually from medium John Holland’s book ‘Psychic Navigator’. A great read that includes this wonderful exercise.

In order to meditate properly and effectively, there needs to be rhythm in your breathing. This is the Complete Breathe Exercise.

Sit down with your back straight. Breathe through your nose, inhaling steadily for 5 seconds. Slowly breathe into your stomach, letting the air move up to your lower lungs, & then into your chest area. Hold your breath for 3 seconds, then exhale very slowly from your mouth,- holding your chest in a firm position while drawing in your abs slightly, and slowly lift it upward as the air leaves your lungs. When all the air is exhaled, relax your chest & abs. You have just did one Complete Breathe.
This needs to be carried out in one slow, continuous breath, which will be distributed to all three parts of the lungs. Make sure you feel it in all of these parts when you’re supposed to. Some people prefer to practice near a mirror while placing their hands on their abs. You may feel a little ‘jerky’ in the beginning, but soon you’ll be able to complete this in one smooth breathe.
Soon you’ll quickly understand how it will benefit you in all your future breath work & meditations I will be writing about in the coming blogs. Remember “you are your breath.”


Psychic Medium Christohper Allan. Keeping The Spirits Alive™. Based in Long Island, NY.

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