Ask Christopher Allan – When Did You Learn You Could Talk To The Dead?


As a psychic medium, the most asked question I get would be, ‘When did you first realize you had this ability?’. So let me share.

It’s always been hard for me to figure out when exactly I realized I “could” communicate with the dead. And to me, if they communicate, they aren’t really ‘dead’, right? Ever since I can remember, I always had this feeling of never truly being alone, even when the house was empty. And I’m an only child, which may make that an even weirder statement. But I’ve always felt like I have a group of people behind me, watching every move I make, every step I take. And I’m sure it’s not Sting or The Police, but rather just a ‘feeling’ or ‘knowing’. It’s like having a spiritual studio audience. Maybe we all do have angels or “guides” watching us and this is why I feel the way I do. It was this feeling, that I’ve felt since I was a small kid, I suppose indicated that I could pick up on spirit. But, again, I can’t exactly pinpoint when I realized I “could” communicate with the dead, but here is the story of when I first “would” communicate with them.

I was 8 years old and I was at my grandparents house in Babylon, NY. It was the day after Christmas & my parents and I revisited them to eat some holiday left-overs . As soon as we were done eating, I raced to the living room to being coloring in my new Ninja Turtles coloring book Santa had gotten me the day before. Laid out on the floor, I was creatively at work when I heard a voice. It sounded like mine, but I knew it wasn’t my own thoughts. Out of nowhere I heard this voice say, “It’s Sal.The phone is going to ring, if your grandmother starts crying, tell her I’m just fine! Hug hard her for me. We’ll be together real soon.”

Before I could even process what I just heard, the phone rang and my grandmother went to answer. As she picked up the phone, I yelled, “SAL!!”. It’s all I could blurt out from the randomness of what I had just heard in my head. I looked up at my grandma & I saw that she instantly become emotional while replying on repeat “Oh my God. Oh my God”, to whatever the person on the other line was sharing with her. My grandma hung up the phone. Back in the kitchen, my mom asked “What’s the matter, Mom? Who was on the phone?” My grandmother replied “Sal. He died. Christmas Eve”. She then went back to crying near the edge of her couch. 

I thought to myself ‘How did I know that? How did I know that the phone was going to ring? How did I know she would become upset by the call? Was that Sal, the man who used to pick me up and sit me on the dining room table  amusing me with corny magic tricks? At 8 years old, it took me long enough, but I had figured out the old ‘I got your nose’ trick & understood that quarters didn’t grow in my ear, but how did he pull of this trick and get in my mind? And how could he be dead anyway when he was in my ear?

At the time, as confusing as it was, I didn’t ignore it nor question it further. I simply listened to what I was told to do and put coloring on hold. I climbed up to my grandma, who was visibly shaken. I gave her the biggest hug I could & then whispered, “Don’t cry grandma, he said you’ll be together again real soon”. She looked at me with a confused look. One where she was baffled by what an eight year old boy was saying. At least she stopped crying. I knew she had heard me blurt out his name as she picked up the phone. She just looked at me and said “I always knew you were special”.

I’ll never forget that moment, this sad situation somehow brought my grandmother & I closer. Many times when I read people, I think back to that day that to me, feels like yesterday, because it obviously had a profound impact on me. After that experience, whenever there was a famed “psychic” on television, she would call me in to the room to watch. She would leave out books about Afterlife communication out for me to read that she had. My grandmother was always considered in my family as a psychic herself. But because I was adopted & born from another country, this gift we both possessed couldn’t have been passed down. Maybe this is why I was adopted into this family. My family is the perfect blend of those who are spiritually deep, intuitive, but also includes those who question everything. But they never questioned their love for me. I do know that my grandma never judged me, but supported me & gave me love and was always eager to hear what I had to share. My parents always did the same. And it was because I always felt comfortable with myself, never feeling that I had to hold in my feelings or ‘ability’, that it made me develop into the medium I am today.

-Christopher Allan



Psychic Medium Christohper Allan. Keeping The Spirits Alive™. Based in Long Island, NY.

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