Aunt June, More Than Coincidence



Here’s a great story I just read…
Aunt June was always there for me growing up. She wasn’t really my aunt – she was one of my mother’s best friends. But she was more like family. She saw me through dance recitals, first dates, and made sure I was well polished in table manners and full of southern charm. I loved to watch her knit, her hands deftly gliding the needle in and out, turning mere yarn into beautiful things. When I was pregnant with my first child, Aunt June told me she wanted to knit a blanket for my baby. But she never had the chance. She passed away that summer, a few months before my baby girl was born.
I thought about my aunt as I rocked my newborn in my arms. Aunt June would’ve loved to be part of this, I thought. I wished my baby could have felt the love and care that Aunt June had given to me for all those years.
Two years later I was expecting another child. I vowed that this time I would try to knit a blanket like aunt June would have made.
One day, after a visit to the doctor, I ran to the local thrift store to buy some yarn. They had a used yarn bin that I would sometimes pick from. I dug around, looking for a bargain. Then I saw it, a big bag of cream-colored yarn with a pair of needles –and it was only one dollar. Someone had even started knitting a pattern for a blanket. I bought it and headed home. I was so exhausted when I got back that I tucked the bag of yarn into the closet & forgot about it.
A few weeks later I planned to visit my mother. I should bring that yarn with me, I’ll have time to knit over there, I thought. I reached into the closet & pulled out the bag. When I took the yarn out at my mother’s house, a piece of paper fell from the bag and fluttered to the floor. What is that? I wondered. I squatted down & picked it up.
It was a knitting pattern for a baby blanket. And in the corner, the person who started it had written her name: June Gerst. My aunt June.

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-Christopher Allan


Psychic Medium Christohper Allan. Keeping The Spirits Alive™. Based in Long Island, NY.

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