Ask Christopher Allan: Does The Other Side have a sense of humor?

Ask Christopher Allan

Ask Christopher Allan

Q: Does the Other Side have a sense of humor? If so, what are some experiences you’ve had that showed the comedic side of Spirits?

A: I believe that our personalities do not change much at all when we pass away. In fact, whatever positive personality traits we have here on Earth that really define who we are, if anything, magnify 10 fold. So if someone was known for their humor in life, the same would hold true in the afterlife.
When I reconnect families with loved ones in Spirit, it’s a serious task for me to be a part of. However, Spirits often like to remind the family I’m reading about the happier times and those moments that brought a smile to their faces.
Most recently, I met a woman who’s son came through to her during our reading. This deceased son told me about a video the family had of him dancing in their family room. It was then, this grief stricken mother balled over in laughter with the new found understanding that her son was definitely talking to me, as to let her know about this video that she had kept of her son from his childhood.
Turns out when this boy was alive, he would never let the family videotape anything “cute” of him. So this mom resorted to ‘hiding’ the family video camera to see what she could get of him before he got too old. One morning, while thinking no one was around in the house, his favorite music videos came on and this young boy proceeded to dance & mimic his favorite music idols for a good 10 minutes in his pajamas.
Oh by the way, have you read about how Spirits show me ‘MY LIFE EXPERIENCE’ to get me to understand what I’m supposed to say? Let’s just say, I could relate to this story. Blush…
The amazing thing was, when this son was alive, he never knew about this video. The week before this mom came to see me, she stumbled upon the video & popped it in the VCR. While reviewing this hidden footage, she cried & laughed the entire time. It reminded her just how much of a character her son was. Or to put it like her, how ‘special’ her son was. I guess someone else was watching too.
Sometimes, our loved one’s in Spirit want us to relive those moments to convey that it’s okay to smile while we mourn. For this mom, even in grief, she learned laughter can still be the best medicine.

Straight from the heart,
Christopher Allan






Psychic Medium Christohper Allan. Keeping The Spirits Alive™. Based in Long Island, NY.

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One comment on “Ask Christopher Allan: Does The Other Side have a sense of humor?
  1. Becky says:

    I had a reading with a medium 5 months after my Mom passed away. She brought up a photo she took of me when I was 19 and she had let me drink on New Years Eve at home. I drank so much that I passed out on the fireplace and she placed the bottle of vodka next to me and took a photo. She brought the picture up often when she was alive and it was great to know she was still talking about it from the other side!!!

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