5 Minute Mediation ™- The Walking Meditation

Christopher Allan 5 Minute Meditation

Christopher Allan 5 Minute Meditation


TAKING A BRIEF TIMEOUT–even during the most stressful day–works wonders for your state of mind. The following quick meditation helps quiet your thoughts so you feel calm and grounded.

Since I’ve made meditation part of my daily life, I’m less likely to overreact to everyday stress, my heart doesn’t race, and I’m happier. Health psychologist Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., of Boulder, Colo., the author of Inner Peace for Busy People (Hay House, 2001), confirms my experience. “Meditation introduces you to a part of yourself that is more peaceful,” she says.

Try this meditatios today. It’s important to find a meditation you’ll practice consistently; you’ll receive the greatest benefits if you meditate every day.

If you’re feeling agitated or restless and the thought of sitting still makes you feel worse, a 15-minute walking meditation can take the edge off your anxiety. The repetitive motion of your legs and arms helps you enter a meditative state.

So lets begin…

To perform this meditation, first choose a place to walk, says Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., founding director of the Center for Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Mass. “You can walk mindfully down a corridor at work, on a hike, or while walking your dog,” he says.

Begin by walking at a normal, brisk pace. After five minutes, slow your pace by about half. After five more minutes, slow your pace again by half, so that you are walking very slowly and deliberately. Focus your attention on each step that you take, concentrating on the sensation of your movements and feeling your feet connect with the earth.

If you begin to think of something other than your feet or your movements, bring your attention back. “What’s important is to remind yourself to be in this moment, taking each step as it comes,” Kabat-Zinn says.

Did you try this mediation during your day? Did it help? What did you notice! Comment below!!

-Christopher Allan


Psychic Medium Christohper Allan. Keeping The Spirits Alive™. Based in Long Island, NY.

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